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With 35 Years of Experience, We Care About Your Home & Business

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Air Conditioning and Heating Services near Atlanta

Atlanta, GA gets quite hot and humid in the summer and while winters are milder, we still experience our share of chilly nights. Finding a full-service HVAC company that will do the job right is essential. You need a company that will make sure you have a reliable heating and air conditioning system that secures your comfort in your home or business year-round.

Scarangello HVAC serves homes and businesses throughout the Atlanta, GA area. Our services include installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. Emergency services are available, and our trained team has the experience you need in a pinch. We are trained on all makes and models from 1-ton systems to 30-ton systems.

Call on us today: “With 35 Years of Experience, We Care About Your Home and Business!”

Air Conditioning Services serving Atlanta

No system is more important to your home during our scorching Georgia summers as your Air Conditioning system! You need yours to work as intended all day, every day for weeks at a time. When trouble arises, you want the right team to get your system back up to speed quickly, or the right company to tell you what you need to replace – and how best to do this. Principles matter, honesty matters and time matters. Whether you need to install a new system, add a part to an existing system or maintain an old system, we are here to keep you as cool as possible during the hottest season of all and build your confidence while doing so.

We know how important your air conditioner is in the summer, and we also know that your system needs to fit your specific needs, not some generic template that lets a technician slack off on the job. Our team is dedicated to your personal satisfaction with all aspects of air conditioning service.

Heating Services serving Atlanta

Heating systems in the Atlanta, GA area aren’t always as pressing as air conditioning services are, which can lead people to dismiss them. This can be a huge mistake. While our winters are milder than they are in other parts of the country, we still get chilly! Temperatures do drop below freezing, and you will want your system to perform. Regular maintenance will keep you operating and when your system fails to perform, we will offer the best deals on new systems in the business.

We offer a full array of heating services, from installation to replacement and everything in between. In addition to traditional forms of heating like the Forced–Hot Air Furnaces, we specialize in systems such as Heat Pumps, which can help save you money without skimping on the quality heating and air you need. Contact our team and let us know how we can help! We offer free in–home design consultation and quick installation. Don’t be left in the cold!

Maintenance Services serving Atlanta

Repairs are usually necessary at some point or another in your HVAC system’s life. Sooner or later, every old system needs to be replaced with a new one. Timely maintenance services can do wonders both for reducing the risk of a breakdown and for extending the life of your system by cutting down on wear and tear.

Our team can perform maintenance once or twice a year on your system. With our experience over a wide range of models, you can rest easy knowing that your system will function as effectively as possible!