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With 35 Years of Experience, We Care About Your Home & Business

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Air Conditioning Services near Atlanta, GA

Georgia summers are as hot as they come. Here in the Atlanta, GA area, we get a heaping dose of humidity to make things feel even worse. In such an environment, a good AC system is more than just a luxury. It needs to work steadily every day to keep you cool. A problem or a breakdown could turn your home into an oven, and you need the right air conditioning service to provide quality repairs and maintenance.

At Scarangello Heating, AC & Plumbing, we believe that good air conditioning service means prompt repairs and quality maintenance. But we also know that a proper installation—with an eye on the unique needs of your home—can stop many problems before they start. It will also ensure reliable service for many years to come. Our trained team works throughout the Atlanta, GA area to install, repair, maintain, and replace a wide variety of makes and models. “With 35 Years of Experience, We Care About Your Home & Business.” Pick up the phone and contact us today!

The Right Air Conditioner for Your Space

Installing a new air conditioner or replacing an old one means more than simply bolting a new system in. Summers in Atlanta, GA are too hot to leave anything to chance, and since every home and business is unique, what works for one home may not work for another. That’s why proper installation and replacement requires a personal touch. Ensuring that your new system is ready to face the challenge of your home or business is as important to us as it is to you.

Scarangello Heating, AC & Plumbing emphasizes the personal in everything we do, especially when it comes to a major investment like a new HVAC system. We’ll go through every option with you and help select the right unit for your space. When you’ve made your selection – we will then perform the installation with the courtesy and care that you deserve!

Repair Calls Can’t Wait

No one likes to think about what happens when their air conditioner runs into trouble, but sooner or later every home or business needs to deal with it. When your system breaks down, it usually occurs on the hottest day of the summer or some similarly inconvenient time. A delay of even a few hours can turn the space into a hot–house, which can create health risks as well as extreme discomfort.

That’s why we offer swift and effective air conditioning repair services throughout the area. That includes emergency services for all customers and extended nights and weekends with 24/7 services for our maintenance plan customers. This ensures that you won’t have to wait long for relief, and that your air conditioner will always function as expected!

Extend Your System’s Life with Timely Maintenance

Repairs are one thing, but preventive maintenance usually makes a better use of your money. In part, because regular maintenance lessens the severity and likelihood of breakdowns. Little issues like loose belts and clogged filters have a way of turning into big problems and maintenance will catch this before they become problems. Regular maintenance performed twice a year – before heating and cooling seasons – will help keep your systems running at top performance, reduce wear and tear on your system and helping to extend its life!